Arts Needs an Audience to Express Its Aesthetic Beauty
From the time immemorial, human civilization has been flourishing with knowledge of art as a benefactor of unlimited possibilities. Our lives have been enriched by the creations and the gifts by the art. Whether it is for entertainment, self- amusing or aesthetic beauty, it marks the human race with the touch of creativity and innovations. Craftiness and skills that human has learnt are made possible, if not for the existence of art. Life will be unthinkable without how the modern world has evolved and its very fibers have been woven around art which provide us a purpose to live for.

The statement extorts to the fact that art does not exist unless there is no sharing, hence the necessity of both artist and the audience. It tries to build upon the idea that without the audience, the beauty of art becomes meaningless. That the arts existence hangs on the objective audience. The audience is the prime reason for it to exist.

However, the art does not necessarily require the existence of an audience, which is a secondary thing. From the point of view of an artist, art is a complete in itself. Whenever an art prevails, there is always the artist and performer. They are co-existent; the one cannot stand alone without the other, two sides of the same coin they are. For, example when a musician performs a note, he takes delight in it, he himself is the enjoyer because he is the creator of that art. Then the audience come in. They may criticize, judge or applaud for his performance. But the most significant aspect of a piece of music is the connection between the music and the musician.

The need of audience arises when the viewer wants to share his/her gift with others. It is true that the art shall exist not for its own sake; the ultimate purpose is to make the people enjoy and enrich their lives and show them the creativity in daily activities and natural things around us. A painting may be beautiful, yet it will only stay as an art, if it was

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