Knights Templar
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The Knights Templar
The image of the brave soldier wearing a white mantle and decorated with a red cross, slaying the wicked and providing for the poor, that we grew up with could not be further from reality. The Knights Templar is a great society that has stood against the test of time. But, what were the beginnings, what were they searching for, and what their seal is. Their mysterious rise from nowhere and then their total fall from grace on Friday the 13th in 1307 have made them the subject of debate and imaginative speculation from that day to this.

For over two-hundred years they were powerful beyond the scope of most kings, with legendary fighting abilities and fabulous hidden treasure. The knights started out as soldiers during the final crusade. It was the sympathetic knights that founded the organization. Nine knights were secretly knighted in an order to carry out sacred research and keep that knowledge throughout time.

What exactly were they looking for? In a diary of the French historian Gaetan Delaforge he commented:
“The real task of the nine knights was to carry out research in the area in order to obtain certain relics and manuscripts which contain the essence of the secret traditions of Judaism and ancient Egypt, some of which probably went back to the days of Moses.” Until diaries like these were discovered, it was very unclear exactly why the Knights templar even existed and why did they sacrifice themselves to find and protect whatever they did find. The knights sought after these relics in ancient temples and churches. The greatest of these finds was discovered in Solomons temple and the excavation in the Temple of Herod. There they discovered ancient scrolls from biblical times, treasure, and supposedly the Holy Grail. The right there is the secret which the Knights hold true to this day. The rumor of the knights choosing to live in poverty has clearly disproved in the Seal of their Order.

At one point the seal misguided historians. The seal portrayed two knights on a single horse. It was believed that the order of the knights once lived a vow of chastity and poverty, therefore could not afford a mount for every member. However this doesnt make sense as it would have made them very inefficient fighters, had it been true. Searching deeper it was discovered that that way of

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