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K&N Engineering, Inc.
K&N Mission Statement
Seek out and dominate traditional, modern and yet undiscovered markets for high performance, high quality, long life filtration and air management products. Support these markets with an unsurpassed positive experience from the point of first impression throughout the customer life.

Core Purpose
To Provide a High Performance Experience for our Customers and Ourselves. We are committed to Working Together as a Team Toward Achieving a Unified Vision Through:

Quality Products that Perform as Promised
People Helping People Enjoy their Lives More
Honesty, Integrity, and Respect for People
Innovation, Creativity, and Personal Development
Living with Passion, Commitment and Enthusiasm
Just Focus and Do It
History of K&N Engineering, Inc.
In 1964 Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald started a business selling motorcycle parts and accessories to motorcycle enthusiasts. They quickly realized that there was a need for higher performance parts, and soon they began producing an air filter that could keep the fine dirt experienced in off-road racing from damaging the race engines. This filter had to be washable and reusable and allow enough air to keep the motorcycles running at peak performance. The original K&N High Flow air filter was born and in 1969 K&N Engineering became known more for its performance air filters than for rental bikes and parts. It wasnt long before the filter technology was applied to automotive applications.

K&Ns commitment to providing top quality products that deliver as promised is stronger than ever, even after thirty five years. K&N has over 55,000 applications, covering most of the vehicles in production today. More than 600 employees research, develop and manufacture K&N products.

Riverside, California, is the headquarters for K&N Engineering and there they manufacture the majority of their products from raw materials on machines designed in-house. In addition to manufacturing, K&N has one of the most sophisticated Research and Development facilities in the performance aftermarket, complete with air filtration testing capabilities, engine and chassis dynos, air flow testing stations, mass air flow (MAF) meter testing and a myriad of other technologies to help K&N design and manufacture the best products possible.

In its 35 years, K&N has continued to make improvements to its products. In addition to their washable/reusable High Flow Air Filters, K&N offers four lines of High Flow Intake Kits that provide guaranteed horsepower. K&Ns Fuel Injection Performance Kits and AirCharger Kits, which easy to install kits that replace the restrictive factory intake tract and allow a smooth flow of air from the companys famous washable and reusable air filter, revolutionized the industry. Today its hard to find a performance vehicle without some form of intake system upgrade. When enthusiasts began asking for ways to improve the looks of their engine compartment and add performance, K&N answered with their Typhoon Intake Kits (69 Series) for sport compact cars and recently with their 77 Series High Flow Intakes for sport trucks – both offer high quality aluminum tubing (in polished or powdercoated finish) and premium hardware, along with a K&N air filter, for great performance and cool looks.

K&N Air Filters and Intake Kits are backed by the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty™ — K&N stands behind their products and more than 35 years in business shows that the company continues to satisfy its customers. K&N has garnered numerous awards from SEMA, including “Manufacturer of the Year in 1994, 1996, 1997, and 2000 making K&N the first company to receive this prestigious award four times.

The Future of Automotive Filtration
Currently, the market in large part relies on the now antiquated disposable paper filter element that has been in existence since the dawn of the gasoline internal combustion engine, K&N is pleased to note that in recent months, leading paper filter companies have seen the light and begun to follow its lead. The automotive industry continues to shift towards the use of long-life performance gauze filters. The cotton gauze filter market segment has seen significant investment in global spending towards educating both consumers and automotive industry engineers in the environmental and performance advantages associated with long-life air filters. K&N will continue to spearhead this filter revolution, and has pushed filter technology to a new level with cutting-edge R&D across its entire line of air filters, to be announced in further detail in the very near future.

What “Lifetime” means to K&N and Consumers
The benefits of increased performance associated with K&N filters contributes towards money savings, fuel savings, and a dramatic reduction in environmental waste for the life of the vehicle in which the filter is installed. As consumers become educated in the performance benefits of K&Ns performance filters, many are surprised to learn that they have been missing out on benefits due to manufacturers and service departments that have been selecting the cheaper filters to equip their cars. K&N appreciates that a little education goes a long way in helping consumers take an active role in thinking for the first time about air filters, and then taking an active stance in choosing the filter that is right for them and best reflects their values and needs. With this choice made, K&N consumers become K&N advocates for life, giving “lifetime” another layer of significance.

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