Fast-Food Feast Operations Management
Case: Fast-Food Feast
Chapter 1-Questions
How are in-store orders taken?
McDonalds-Orders are taken face to face at the counter
Kittys Café-Face to Face at the counter
Are the hamburgers prepared to order, or are they prepared ahead of time and delivered from a storage bin?
McDonalds- the hamburgers or prepared ahead of time and placed in a warmer.
Kittys Café-the hamburgers are prepared at the time of order.
How are special orders handled?
McDonalds- special orders are made at the time the orders are taken place
Kitts Café-special orders are made at the time the orders are taken place.
How are the hamburgers cooked?
McDonalds-McDonalds take their frozen patties and place them on a timed griller
Kittys- Kittys hamburgers are made with fresh ground beef and place on top of the grill
How are the hamburgers assembled?
McDonalds-hamburgers are prepared in an assembly line form. Burgers are placed on a wrapper and passed down for cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes are whatever the toppings of choice are the wrapped.

Kitty Café-the hamburgers are assembled to order meaning the toppings are placed on the burger by one person.
Is a microwave oven used in the process?
McDonalds- Yes there is a microwave used in this process
Kittys Café- No theres not a microwave used in this process
How are other common items, such as French fries and drinks handled?
McDonalds- French Fries are precooked in a deep fryer then place under a warmer. Customers are allowed to choose their choice of drink from a drink machine

Kitty Café- French Fries are cooked to order. Only can drinks are sold.
Which process is the most efficient and why? If a Companys goal is to provide quick service I think the most efficient process would be to prepare the food ahead of time and to use the assembly line process. This way they can get their customers out in a timely manner also it will most likely be less cost efficient.

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