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IЎЇm the King of the Castle is a novel about evil in mankind. Discuss to what extent this is true.
In IЎЇm the King of the Castle, Susan Hill shows the evil in mankind through some characters. The characters have evil though but they did not show it out ass they were being stopped by the rules society and the thought of consequences. Kingshaw was been stopped by that but Hooper did not, as he intimidated Kingshaw mentally rather than physically.

When Kingshaw and Hooper were at the top of the castle, Kingshaw had the thoughts of pushing Hooper down. But he did not do that as he knows the consequences he would face if he really push Hooper down. Ў°I could kill him, I could make him fall offЎ­Up here, IЎЇm the KingЎ±. Kingshaw keeps thinking that he is the King as he was at

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