Curfews On Teenagers
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I firmly believe that enacting a law making it illegal for teenagers to be out on the streets after 10 p.m. on weekdays or after midnight on weekends is a very intelligent notion. This curfew would help to keep teenagers out of trouble and away from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It may also help to improve their grades. This new law could also aid in the reduction in the amounts of kidnappings and rapes of teenagers. This curfew is a new and insightful idea.

Drunk driving, alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, or reckless behavior while under the influence of narcotics. These are just some of the ways that teenagers are dying due to abuse of drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are the number one killer of teens today. And when is the time that most teenagers are out doing these terrible things? When they are out at night with their friends. Eliminating the possibility of them staying out into the wee hours of the night would greatly reduce the amount of deaths due to drugs and alcohol. Because most teens are terrified of arriving at home and having to face their parents drunk or high, most teens try to stay out until morning with their friends and try to “sober up” before arriving home. If they legally cant stay out past ten on weeknights and 12 on weekends, they most likely wont have enough time to go out, get drunk and high before returning home and getting caught by their parents.

Biology, D, geometry, C, English, D, Spanish, F. Those or the typical grades the average student who stays out until late on weekdays receives. Staying out until late adversely affects the amount of sleep a teen gets, which in turn makes them less concentrated at school. Less concentration at school translates into their schoolwork, which in in turn lowers grades. I mean come on, its not rocket science. It is a known fact that the body and mind need sleep to operate well. Also if teens are at home, they could be doing their homework. I highly doubt that when a teenager goes out with his or her friends that they are out studying for that important science test. A curfew may help to improve grades of teenagers.

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