Applying a Systems Approach
Starting new in an organization requires a lot of communication, not only from the new member but from the current team as well. A community center also requires a lot of communication within the community and to be able to provide this communication adequately we would need to communicate accordingly within the center.

One of the key concepts under the New Science System Theory is the importance of relationships in organizations. It is difficult enough to communicate within an organization but it is more difficult to have to communicate outside of it. Having a relationship within the organization among everyone that calls for open communication it’s extremely important especially when you have customers outside of the organization. I would emphasize the open communication plus the new relationship concept to hopefully get some of the new members to open up to me regardless of the old management idea on communication. I believe an open door policy it’s always good to have especially when you are the new manager on board.

Another concept of the New Science System Theory explains how participation in organizational processes is very important. When everyone participates in the process of making decisions within the organization it gives people the sense of belonging and the need to do more because their opinion counts. This concept also allows more collaboration within different departments and teams bringing the entire organization closer. I would also use this concept to help my case for organizational communication.

Appreciation of change is one of my favorite concepts within the New Science System Theory, most people are scared of change but someone who thrives in it will always have the upper hand. I’m a firm believer that change is inevitable and not knowing how to deal with it or adapt to it can be detrimental to yourself and the organization you belong to. The difficult part of change is the fact that you only learn how

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