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Before introducing the details of the events for our long-awaited annual retreat, it is important to understand the working situation for our colleagues so that we can tailor made the activities for them. For the junior staff members, who has just started working in our firm, have a long working hour compared with the managers. Although their tasks are not that difficult, their repetitive works need all day long to finish. It is common to notice that they always need to work overtime. While for the senior, what annoying them the most is the difficulties related to business decision making and management. According to the survey our department conducted last month, almost ninth ten of the managers agree that they find it difficult to handle the team management. This figure reveals that there is a lack of team spirit in our company. To sum up, our fellow staff provide an adjective in the survey. Most of the adjective is related to hectic. Our colleagues need to work from dawn to dusk in order to hand in the report on time. It is understandable that as a CPA firm should by no means a pressure-free working company. Otherwise, we will not be motivated to work and strive for the best. However, helping our staff to have a work-life balance and relief their pressure is our responsibility. It was the high time for us to remove the label of being hectic. Our annual retreat is not just for fun, but can act as a starting point for Transcend Formalities, Unleash Possibilities.

After examining the thoughts of our staff, we can easily discover the potential problems that may adversely influence our company’s development.
As I mentioned, managers yet to achieve good teamwork and maintain high morale. An inadequate of team spirit within department will leads a longer period for communication and coordination when handling a single project. Lower productivity certainly means labour needs to work longer to finish the same number of tasks. Since the staff need to stay in their office most of the time, they will feel stressed easily. If they believe that they cannot manage the stressed life anymore, they may nature a thought that is to resign. Imagine the organization restructure happens every three months. You always has a stranger in your office. How can you build a team spirit? Therefore, a lack of team moral creates a vicious circle. To tackle this latent problem, we need to address the root cause, which is focus for our annual retreat.

Our annual retreat consists of four events. Football match, Zentangle, secret angel, dialogue in the dark and cocktail party. We will have our annual retreat in May as it is the month after the peak period. Our staff can have the least workload among the year and have more leisure time. We will start out promotion on 18th of April, one month before the event.

We will have three means to promote our annual retreat

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