Cassius’ Sword
Am Cassius’ Sword
I am Cassius’ sword. Although, I may not have killed thousands, the ones I have killed deserved to die, some for good, some because of their outwardly coward and arrogant personalities. The most important, and most deservedly of the people that I killed were Julius Caesar, Cassius, and Titanius. While Julius Caesar is an honorable man, he was outwardly arrogant and ultimately caused his own death. While Cassius is a smart man, he never took responsibility and was constantly cowardly. Lastly, Titanius, the the only one who deserved to die for his own good, was valiant and deserved to live with his best friend for all eternity. While Caesar died for the good of Rome and Cassius died to pay for his sins, Titanius died for his own happiness.

Julius Caesar, while he was brave for fighting in battle for Rome, was arrogant and did not have credible praise to support his false humbleness. As Caesar was praised, my owner and I knew the truth, that Caesar was not truthfully giving up the crown but “Caesar hath it not” and it was all for his image (1.2.157-8). Caesar truly faked his humble act and did it so he could receive more praise from the people who mattered the least. He uses things and events such as this to justify hi ill-made arrogance. This man is not the soldier that fought in battles but, a cowardice tyrant whose only supporters are the easily manipulated commoners. I am not the only one who thinks lowly of of Caesar, but the gods do as well, for they send omens such as “fires[,]birds and beasts from quality and kind” (1.3.63-4). These omens are not coincidental, but signs from the gods that Caesar will truly be the downfall of our beautiful Rome. While Caesar claims he knows best, who are we to doubt the gods, who clearly see Caesar as a large, ominous, omen to the fall of Rome. Caesar was honorable and brave while fighting battles but, in the end, would cause Rome’s ultimate downfall, which was why he had to die.

Many may see me as a traitor for killing my own master but, as time went on, I realized that he became cowardly and did not deserve to live to see the outcomes of his efforts. While Cassius honored Rome by killing Caesar, he did not continue honoring it by trying to take the easy way out and hinting that “there is [his] dagger/ And here my naked breast, within, a heart” (4.3.101-2).

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