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Organisation Structures Within Joy of Chocolate
Organisational Structures within Joy of Chocolate
26 October 2016
HNC Business (1st year)
Senior Management Team of J.O.C
1.0 Terms of Reference:
2.0 Procedures:
3.0 Findings:
3.1 Type of structure within CG Cholocates
3.2 Propose strucure for newly merged company
3.3 Relationships within new structure
3.3.1 Line Relationship
3.3.2 Staff Relationship
3.3.3 Functional Relationship
3.3.4 Lateral Relationship
3.4 Exercising authority, responsibility and delegation
3.4.1 Authority
3.4.2 Responsibility
3.4.3 Delegation
3.5 Constingency theory
3.5.1 Constingency theory explained
3.5.2 Size
3.5.2 Task
3.5.4 Technology
3.5.5 Environment
4.0 Conclusion:
5.0 Recommendations
6.0 Bibliography
Following a business merge between Joy of Chocolate and CG chocolate, it was clear that there were conflicting organisational structures within these companies prior to merger. Both companies have a duplicate target market, each within different geographical locations allowing expansion possibilities. As CG Chocolate has no clear successor, the Managing Director of Joy of Chocolate now has controlling decision over CG Chocolates. Their new aim is to implement an organisational structure that will be adopted to increase management success. This report has been requested by Joy of Chocolate to describe the principle theories of management and structural organisation applications, as a basis of recommendation for the future structural implementation at Joy of Chocolate.

1.0 Terms of Reference:
1.1 The Senior Management Team of Joy of Chocolate (J.O.C) requested this report to be completed for review on 26 October 2016. This is required so J.O.C can make an informed decision on the action that is taken going forward. This report will analyse the aspects and functions of organisational structures. Recommendations will be given in this report to show the possible structures that can be adopted after the merging process.

2.0 Procedures:
2.1 The following methods were used to gain information for this report:
2.1.1 The Joy Of Chocolate case study was examined.
A wide range of websites were examined to gather information on operational structures.
3.1.3 Theory texts were revised to support recommendation given.
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