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In the literary essay “Creating the Myth” author Linda Segers provides readers with a theory on the journey of a hero. Though Segers theory is, for the most part, accurate in providing the guidelines for which a majority of the present-day heroes adhere to, it is the gaps that Seger over looks that makes each individual heroes journey all the more significant.

According to Segers theory, heroes are introduced in the simplest, ordinary, conditions. These would-be heroes are content with their primary establishments and initially do not want to leave. These two characteristics, however, do not correlate with the journeys that many of familiar heroes underwent in their quest to respond to their higher calling. Many times, heroes are introduced in the beginning of the journey already as a hero and/or a figure of importance. The gap in the beginning steps in the journey of a hero suggest that while heroes may be capable of extraordinary feats, they are not Gods and can still make human-like mistakes. Though a person or being may be classified as a “hero” from the beginning, there are still areas in that persons life that needs improvement or obstacles that that person still needs to overcome.

The gap in Segers theory suggesting the reluctance of the hero wanting to leave his or her niche shows that the path to becoming a hero is not a straight forward one. While there are some heroes who start off reluctant to leave home, there are some whose experiences at home are what force them to take the journey of a hero.

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