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Everybody is getting in their summer mode but cant seem to, semester is ending and finals are coming up. Small group communication is one of mine that is quickly catching up. I obtained a lot of information that was really important in todays era from this class. From journal entries to group presentations this was a well laid out semester. This was Mr. Trujillos first time teaching at Shasta College who came from Chico to guide us in the ways of communication.

The journals played a really big part in this class they helped me out a lot. What makes journals really successful is that just writing what you did that day and what you learned imprints it in your brain. I know semester journals are really a pain to do for some people but teachers are just doing it for the good of the student. If I go back and look at the journals I wrote I can remember bits and parts I learned and most of the information comes back to me. Thats what made it a successful for me plus it is also a good way to vent some steam if you had a bad day.

How my skills have evolved from the first chapter to the final chapter has been substantial. I really did not know there were so many different communication styles and ways to deal with conflict. In the beginning I was anticipating what there was to learn in this type of course. I learned about communication competence in groups to conflict management. There where ten chapters that we learned about and through each chapter a journal followed to refresh our brain. These two helped me evolve from knowing nothing to being the leader of my group.

“They view the ability to navigate telecommunications byways as vital to survival in the information age” (Conte). One of my communications strategies definitely had to deal with technology. It makes contacting one another extremely fast and easy especially when we had groups for the semester. We all were busy so a simple phone call or txt was easy to set a meet up day. I would set up a meet once or twice a week so we can go over our projects and what we learned.

The first week of class we also had to pick group members which I was not prepared for. I dont really do well in groups but it had to be done. It was good though because you got to meet your peers in the class. I wish we all had a faster way to communicate out of class though because some of the members in my groups lived out of nowhere and sometimes couldnt get service so it was tough on my group. We all got a handout at the beginning of the semester so it explained everything so most of the time we had all the resources we needed.

My thoughts on how my journal improved for the first to last is just by being in class and learning. At first my journals where all about group meetings and knowing your peers but as we started to get in to more of the chapters my journals started to bloom with more in-depth

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