Journal Article Review of “an Army to Defeat Assad”
Brian Howell
HMLS 416
September 3, 2014
Journal Article Review
Journal Article Review of “An Army to Defeat Assad”
The Article “An Army to Defeat Assad How to Turn Opposition into a Real Fighting Force” by Kenneth M. Pollack focuses on how to find a successful end to the unrest and civil war that is taking place in Syria. In his article that was published in the September / October 2014 issue of Foreign Affairs Mr. Pollack lays out a plan to end the fighting in Syria while stabilizing the country and thwarting the terrorist group that has been instigating the turmoil. Pollack uses examples such as Iraq and Bosnia to back his plan and also states the pros and cons that would be incurred should the plan be utilized by the United States Government. The conflict in Syria impacts not just Syria itself but the United States and its assets abroad due to the fact that the terrorist organization directly involved in the conflict is the same organization that recently beheaded two American Journalists in Iraq.

The Issue
The conflict in Syria began in March of 2011 when protestors to the Assad regime took to the streets (BBC, 2014). Members of the military employed by Assad opened fire leading to many more protestors and militants to become involved in a bloody battle between citizen and government. The Assad regime has been accused of heinous war crimes such as slaughtering innocent citizens to include women and children. On August 21, 2013 the government militia was linked to using rockets filled with sarin gas to kill anywhere between 300 and 1,430 civilians around Damascus (BBC, 2014) . The terrorist group “the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham or ISIS has been linked to antagonizing the conflict to power the rise of sectarianism (BBC, 2014). ISIS is a proven threat to the United States of America and its assets around the world. The recent beheading of the American journalists Steven Sotloff and James Foley proves that ISIS is a threat to the homeland security of the United States.

Pollack’s Stance
Kenneth Pollack proposes that the United States should create a Syrian Armed force to fight for their country. There are many variables that need to be taken into consideration prior to executing or committing to a plan involving no U.S. soldiers with boots on the ground. There has to

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