John Smith and William Bradford
John Smith and William Bradford are similar and different in many ways. Smith and Bradford were both sailors who writes about their journey, but when it comes to writing, things may not be all true. While they were from the same time, their ways of writing their narratives were very different. John Smith tends to exaggerates his writings, making them more appealing to readers, while William Bradford, was straightforward and wrote his as chronicles.

John Smith wrote his narrative in third person, making him out to be more than he actually is. When writing his narrative, Smith tend to exaggerates what happens during specific times. John Smith is a paid sailor, who gets paid to go places and possibly write about the journey. In the beginning of his encounter with the Indians, Smith described them as savages, and when he got kidnapped by them, he makes at as if the Indians went through a lot for him, which is probably not the case. At first his relationship with the Natives were not the best as Smith pointed out that they were planning to bash his head open.

William Bradford was said to be the type to write his narratives a chronicles. During his trip to the new world, he writes his narrative in first person point of view. He doesn’t exaggerate moments that have

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