John Proctor – the Crucible
Essay Preview: John Proctor – the Crucible
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There is a controversy that John Proctor is the nobleman of the story and presented as an archetypal tragic hero. John Proctor is a farmer that lives outside the town with his wife Elizabeth. He is a good man with many good deeds but has one sin that is his biggest downfall. His admiration for Abigail Williams. Which sparks off the plot of the novel The Crucible John Proctor is a tragic hero by his actions during the trials, his tragic flaw, and how faces and accepts death with honor.

John Proctors action during the trials showed what he believed in. John goes against the girls and says, ” I-I have no witnesses and cannot prove it, except my word be taken. But I know the childrens sickness had naught to do with witchcraft,” (Miller, 857). John Proctors word influences the opinion of many townspeople. John creates so much chaos that Danforth wants it to end so offers him a proposition, “You say your only purpose is to save your wife. Good, then, she is saved at least this year, and a year is long. What say you, sir? It is done now. Will you drop this charge? I think I cannot.” (pg 866). But since John is such a nobleman who does not only worry for himself but for others denies the proposition. John Proctor defies the court and Cheever by ” Suddenly snatching the warrant our Cheevers hand Out with you. Proctor you dare not touch the warrant, man! Proctor ripping the warrant,” (860). John believes that he is right and that everyone is being fooled by mere teenagers. John Proctor challenges the court which is be a risky move.

John Proctors tragic flaw is what starts the chaos in the Salem. John finally broke, “How do you call Heaven! Whore! Whore!” (873). He struggled with himself and he knew what had to be done. John receives shocking news that affects the outcome of his wifes life “Abbyll charge you on lechery on you, Mr. Proctor.” (862). He is backed into a corner. He confesses, “I have known her, sir. I have known her” (873). John had no other choice but to finally confess hoping that this takes some pressure off and help show that Abigail is lying about witchcraft for revenge. Johns act of adultery sets a bumpy road for him and his wife.

When John Proctor had no other decision he faces and accepts death with honor. He told them that he wanted to confess so

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