John Pierpont Morgan
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John Pierpont Morgan was born on April 17, 1837 in Hartford, Connecticut. His parents
were Junius Spencer Morgan and Juliet Pierpont. As a youth Morgan moved from school to
school, first attending Hartford public school in 1848 and then Episcopal Academy in Cheshire.
Morgan then got accepted into English High School of Boston. However he became very ill and
had to take a year off of school to recover. When he finished high school he was sent to a school
named Bellervie where he learned to speak French and then to University in Germany where
became fluent in German also. In 1857 Morgan started working with his father, who was a
banker in London in his bank. He went on to work in banking houses in New York and became
involved with a number of firms. In 1861 Morgan married Amelia Sturges. After only a year of
marriage Amelia died. Morgan did not hesitate to remarry Frances Tracy whom he had four
children with. A skin disease from his childhood left him with a disfigured nose and he also
suffered from rosacea, which causes irregular redness on the face. Because of these
circumstances Morgan was very self conscious and didnt like getting his picture taken. The Civil
War which lasted from 1861 to 1865 was extremely expensive and left America in a huge
amount of debt. The U.S government called upon Morgan and his company to help refinance
their debt. He started to promote railroads to European investors. Morgan was able to sell them
without having to lower the price. He made sure that investors would not lose their money by
eliminating the debt on railroads he sold. He also had his people take charge of the railroads to

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