Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night
Essay Preview: Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night
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Dear diary,
Yesterday, there be a horrible day. Uncle found me, Betty, Susana, Mercy, Mary and Tituba, conjuring sprits in the woods. When he leaped out of a bush so suddenly Betty was frightened and then fainted. Today, when she did not wake the whole town cried witchcraft. I tried telling them it was only sport, but they would not believe me, they were surely going to whip us, so when me, Betty, Mercy and Mary were alone and I told them to admit to nothin but common dancin. But my plan did not work, uncle had got John Hale, minister of Beverly to come, cause he was worried cause poor Betty had not woken yet. Hale was askin many questions of the devils work, he asked about the soup we had, I told them it be beans and lentils but he did not believe me. I couldn’t help it I had to, we was going to surly be whipped. I told Mr Hale it be Tituba who be doin the devils work and she made us do it. Mr Hale was askin Tituba many questions about her contact with the devil. Tituba told Mr Hale he be wrong and that she never saw no devil, but she didn’t know what else to do, so she tell Mr Hale she be workin with the devil but now Tituba want to be a good Christian women. Then, when Mr Hale asked if there be another person in the village that the devil comes to. Titaba told Mr Hale she seen Goody Good with the devil. I had to help Tituba cause I be feeling guilty, so I told Mr Hale that I saw Goody Osburn and Bridget Bishop with the devil. All the girls started yelling and telling Mr Hale who they had seen with the devil. We called many names to save us from bein whipped, but then I saw that if I told Mr Hale I saw Goody Proctor with the devil, she be gone from the one I love John Proctor and me and John could be together, like we want to, but I’ll wait till I see what be happening with the people

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