The Innocent Man Analysis
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A very important factor of any piece of literature being considered for selection in the course would have to be its depth. It is obvious that in a school year there is going to be a vast range of capabilities in English among the students. So each text chosen for the particular curriculum must have a vocabulary basic enough for the lower students to comprehend but one sophisticated enough to keep the more gifted students interested. The Innocent Man fits this criteria with ease where lengthy scientific or law jargon is few and far between however its not primitive by all means. Thinking along the same lines, a suitable text must be able to accommodate the whole curriculum council marking system; in the sense that students who just search the surface can gather enough rocks for a level four but students willing to tunnel to the core can achieve a level eight. This is where John Grishams masterpiece excels, anyone lucky enough to have read this book could discuss the obvious and basic topic of the injustice that this book is based upon from sunrise to sunset and receive a deserving grade but for the deep tunnellers theres gold mines and oil _______ scattered everywhere. One could expand on the injustice subject and debate whether the notion of being innocent until proven guilty still exists in a society full of prejudice or deliberate over the flaws of our justice system and how it could be corrected. The heated argue involving the death penalty is another good theme as surely its unforgivable to rob an innocent but convicted man/woman of their most prized possession, life. However looking over the other side of the fence, how do you punish those who have scarred a society or culture beyond repair? Moving off law altogether the focus of an essay could be placed upon the idea of family, in The Innocent Man Rons family sacrifice their reputation, their financial security and sections of their life just to help a vulnerable, mentally deteriorating and convicted cold blooded killer and rapist. The spotlight could be effortlessly shifted to John Grishams choice of writing. Ive never come across a more bias book where determining whether or not Ron was guilty is easier than picking the victor of a bout between Mike Tyson and an infant simply due to John Grishams style and method of telling this story. For example John Grisham begins by portraying the facts of the murder in the first twenty-one pages, not once in this deliverance of the events does the name Ronald Keith Williamson feature. A student thinking the same way as myself would question whether Mr. Grisham had to be as critical

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