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Positive Behavior Support (HWSS 2107) Assignment.
I will be charting and analysising the challenging behavior of a 22 year old man. For the purpose of this assignment I will be referring to the man as “John”. John has been diagnosed with Autism and lives in supported accommodation with four other Autistic men of a similar age. John has good receptive skills, he communicates mostly through gestures and can verbalize “Ah” for yes and “Wargh” for no. John has recently started displaying a new behavior. The behavior is antisocial (screaming “Wragh” meaning “no”) and has escalated from this to threats of physical assault and inadvertently placing himself in dangerous situations. John has always had an obsession with soft drink. John likes to stare at the bottle, then drink the contents, peel the label off and put it in the bin. This obsessive behaviour has always been more heightened around вЂ?Red Coke’. For example. If a diet coke was in the fridge John would see it and stare, staff could say John that’s not for you, or put it back etc and even though the behaviour is the same (staring playing with the label) John would comply. In the same scenario with Red Coke John would try to ingest the contents before staff could intervene, or would not comply with requests to put it back. Some of the staff involved in Johns care have made it clear that they are uncomfortable taking John out when he is displaying the identified antisocial behaviour and the associated risks. Staff have been charting the identified behavior using the A.B.C. charting system. The results are as follows.

Antecedents, Behaviors & Consequence (A.B.C) Chart for- John ( D.O.B. 12/04/1984)
Description of behaviour/s. Noncompliance, antisocial and dangerous behaviour.
Date, time & initials
John and I were shopping as at Bi-Low Diamond Creek at 11am on Saturday. John was helping with the shopping for the house as per his Saturday program. Usual routing followed, nothing unusual noted. Upon arriving at Bi-Low John went and got the shopping trolley and entered the store as usual. The program started as it always does with John pushing the trolley. The center was crowded as always and John seemed to be his usual self.

Upon entering the soft drink isle John stopped pushing the cart and ran (sprinted) into the isle. John then proceeded to grab a 2 liter bottle of normal (red labeled) coke. John looked (eye contact) at the staff and hastily started to open the bottle. Staff intervened and asked John to put the coke in the trolley for later. John hugged the coke to his chest, turning his body away (to protect the Coke) and started screaming very loudly “Wargh” meaning “No” and shaking his head. I continued to attempt to reassure John that he could have the coke but he needed to pay first and motioned towards the register (abandoning the shopping program) John raised his left hand over his head and bit the back of his right hand witch was holding the coke. It was apparent to me that John was going to strike out so I backed off. I continued to reassure John that no one was going to take it away.

When John had finished I directed him towards the checkout. We swiped the empty bottle and once in the bus staff explained to John that his behavior was inappropriate and that he can have the coke but that we have to pay first. John was quiet calm as soon as he had finished the coke.

John, another resident and two staff were on holiday in Sale. John had coped well with the holiday and the changes in routine that go along with it. On the trip home we stopped for petrol and John exited the back seat of the bus and ran (sprinted) into the service station.

John entered the service station and ran up to the drink fridge. John pulled the door open and grabbed a Coke (Red) out. I approached John and asked him to put it back John shook his head “No”. I then told John that we had to pay for it first and motioned for him to go to the register. John shook his head again and quietly said “Wargh” meaning “no”. I then reached out and took hold of the coke saying “John you will have to wait” and took the coke from John’s hands. John then opened the fridge and took another one. He then ran to the bus, entered it and started to Scull the Coke. I paid for the Coke and exited the store.

Buy the time I got to the bus John had already finished the drink. I explained to John that he needs to ask and be patient when he wants a Coke. John was calm directly after and we continued home incident free.

John and I were attending John’s medication review. John seemed to be in a good mood and nothing unusual has occurred.
When we arrived at the appointment inside the grounds of the Northern Hospital, John ran out of the bus. John ran straight across the road narrowly being missed by a motorist and into the Shell service station. When I arrived at the service station I found that John has opened a (Red Coke) and was drinking it. I could not get John to stop or listen to reason so I monitored him until he finished.

When John had finished the he went back to the fridge and looked at me while reaching for another Coke. I indicated that he had had enough and John and I walked back to the bus. I explained that John needs to tell me where he is going and be patient. We attended the appointment as usual.

John had been to the local park to kick the football. All had gone well and we were returning home on the bus.
About one kilometer from home on Diamond Creek Rd John opened the sliding door on the bus and took his seat belt off. I pulled over and stopped. Jason was exiting the bus as I came around the other side and e ran into the BP service station and grabbed a Red Coke. I tried to get Jason to pay but he refused and ran to the bus. I paid the attendant and returned to the bus.

Jason had already finished his Coke by the time

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