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Joe Oramas, one of the main characters in the film “Station Agent,” had a very complex character. He worked for his father, since his father was sick, as a street vendor. On the surface he seemed annoying, irresponsible, and talkative, but he was actually lonely, insecure, and in need of a friend.

Joe is burdened with the troubles of helping his sick father. He sacrifices his dreams in order to care for his father and run the business his father had started. Joes sick father has a big impact on his behavior. Joe had to constantly worry about the health of his father, work an undesirable job to please his father, and give up a lot of his social life to take care of his father. This caused Joe to have trouble interacting with other people. He didnt have any friends, but desperately wanted them. That is why he seemed annoying to Fin and Olivia. Joe also was lonely and the reason he was so talkative was because he wanted to find someone who he could confide in and be able to talk about his problems with.

Joe is simply looking for a friend. He desperately wants to find someone who he can talk to, because being alone all day leaves him to worry about the condition of his fathers health. Joe wants a friend who he can relax with and have a good time, without having to deal with the responsibilities of his everyday life. Joe does end up ultimately finding this friendship in the end. Olivia, Fin, and Joe realize they all need someone to open up with and talk to instead of keeping their troubles bottled up inside.

Joe is a misunderstood character in the movie. People think he is annoying, irresponsible, and overly talkative. In reality he is only searching for someone to be friends with. He is very responsible because he successfully runs his fathers street vending business while taking care of his sick father as well. Joe is talkative because he is lonely. He has no real friends because he hasnt gotten to live life as he chooses. He is burdened with his fathers health, and hasnt had time to live a life of his own yet. Therefore Joe was looking for someone to confide in, and by the end of the movie he didnt find just one person, he found two.

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