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Golden Day, Golden Year, Golden Niners
Essay Preview: Golden Day, Golden Year, Golden Niners
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Golden Day, Golden Year, Golden Niners
Have you ever wondered about the Golden Years of the San Fransico 49ers? No matter what people may say about us and our years they dont know everything about us. The 1980s and early 1990s were the 49ers golden years and it shall remain.

How it all started
Now before I tell you about how Joe Montana was drafted I need to explain a few things. The NFL Draft back then was complety different from how they draft players in our time. The NFL Combine, a week-long camp where college football players come and do mental and physical tests, is done in front of the NFL coaches, general managers, and scouts. The players undergo this process so that they could be apart of the NFL Draft. A player can only attened this event if he has recived an invention from the NFL. This was not offically formed untill 1982, the scouts still looked for players through combines in 1979.

Though, Joe Montana was a great player in the NFL, he did not receive a good rating by the scouts. During the NFL Draft of 1979, the 49ers picked him at the end of the third round. When Joe was drafted, he had the 82nd overall pick.

Some people may be thinking that after he got drafted, Joe was immediately the starting quarterback but that is not true. He was the back-up quarterback. Joe became the starting quarterback in 1981. In 1979 and 1980 he was back-up.

The 49ers have won five superbowls as of 2011, but only four of them were won with Joe Montana. The first one was on January 24, 1982. This was called Superbowl XVI. In this superbowl, they were playing the Cincinnati Bengals, and the final score was 26-21. The 49ers were very happy that they had finally won their first superbowl. Their second superbowl was on Janaury 20, 1985. This was called Superbowl XIX. They were playing the Miami Dolphins and the final score was 38-16. The 49ers were trilled that they won their second superbowl. Joe Montana was happy that they had won with such a great lead and that he had now won two superbowls.

The third superbowl was in 1989. This was Superbowl XXIII. The 49ers were playing the Cincinnti Bengals again. The final score was 20-16. In their fourth superbowl the 49ers had a new coach named George Serifert. The 49ers were up againist the the Denver Broncos and the final score was 55-10. This was Joe Montanas last superbowl with the 49ers. Joe felt very happy that they had won their fourth superbowl. At the time, he did not know that this would be his last superbowl as a 49er, so he also thought that in a few more years they would win their fifth superbowl. Sadly, he was wrong.

The last superbowl that the 49ers won was in 1994 with their new quarterback Steve Young. This was superbowl

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