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Article response:
I found it to be extremely interesting how a drug ring or business works very similar to that of a regular working business such as the example used, Mc Donalds. Interesting to know how there are different levels of subordinates under the immediate drug holders. It puts a new prospective to how the drug cartels work. I lived in San Diego, CA were you see this problem affecting the countries boarders, then see on the news of violent drug problems on the street but, rarely link the two together as business operations. As a corporation like Mc Donalds has an impact on our economy, I can see much the same for the street drug business but, unfortunately in more negative than positive.

Conversations response:
This conversation hits very close in relation to what I do for a living. I assist College Graduates with job placement assistance after completing a certificate program. Many of the new graduates I work with have little to no previous experience in the field that at times can be challenging to assist in obtaining employment. In the past years, it has been challenging in general with the economic down turn. I prospected incline in the economy is been predicted and indications of that beginning have already been recognized. In what I have witnessed in my profession is that much of the population also lacks the understanding of job searching and seeking valuable employment. Many have made choices to resume on government assistance and decline positions offered based off of their previous financial standing without understand what the opportunity may bring in the future. Lack of job search, skill and understanding the selection process by employers set some professionals back as well as those entering a new profession. I see that new positions are and an incline but, these new position will only be filled with those that are equipped with the skill of selling themselves to the employer.

Although we are on a long road to recover, I do think that the economy will slowly progress. This does not mean an immediate bounce back that many expected but, truly do not understand the devastation that our economy has experience. Every wound does not quickly heal, every wound must be treated properly and eventually the wound will heal. Our country is simply in the process of healing, one fiber at a time.

I find that the job market is finding alternatives to opening new opportunities for those that are qualified to satisfy the requirements but, like stated in the conversation, are lacking longevity.

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