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Annotated Bibliography
Hurwitt, Robert. “Present at the Birth: A Free Speech Movement Journal”. East Bay
Express, Vol. 6, no. 50, Sept.28, 1984. November 25, 2007.
Robert Hurwitt was a student in pursuit of a master’s degree in English at UC Berkeley. He wrote an journal recalling what had happened at the university. What he didnt know at the time was that the same day he arrived, the new freedom he had found so attractive was already being taken away. That day, dean of students, had sent letters to the various campus political groups telling them to take down their tables. He first became aware of this turn of events on the second day of classes. He did marched in many lines, but this was one of the most extraordinary he had ever seen. There were ultra-conservative marching side by side with liberal Democrats and Republicans and communists and socialists of every stripe.

Freeman, Jo. “ The Berkeley Free Speech Movement”. Encyclopedia of American
Social Movement, edited by Immanuel Ness, 2004, pp. 1178-1182. November 25,
Jo Freeman is a well know feminist scholar, her writing about the free speech
Movement give an inside look at the true angle of the problem. The demonstration at the Sheraton Palace was one of a series of actions that rocked the Bay Area from October of 1963 through the spring and summer of 1964. The demonstrators were drawn heavily from the students at Cal and S.F. State. Students and recent students were abundant among the roughly 500 arrested in a six months period. The organizer created a community of involved students, much larger than the small band of political activists

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