Strategy Management
Airbus: Quality, low cost maintenance, safety, on time delivery and comfort are their main customer expectations. More than 10,060 aircrafts have been built since 1970.

Bombardier: Is a jet aircraft and railway manufactures are located in Canada specializes in building business Jets.
Embraer: Manufactured in Brazil and specializes in building jets one of Bombardiers biggest rival.
Suppliers International Airlines
New airline routes
Airline mergers
Considered an Oligopoly market
High barriers to enter market
Potential US Market Entrants Private jets such as: Net jets, World Class Aviation, American Jet International, Miami Air etc.
Rail: Amtrak, Local Metro Trains
Buses: Greyhound, Public Municipal services, Charter Buses, Coach USA.
Private Transportation
Car Rentals Substitutes Frequent Flyers: Passengers that frequently fly with a specific airline
Tourist: First time visitors, shoppers, relative visits
Business Flyers: Company owners, company employees
Web based agents
Buyers Operating Costs: labor, maintenance, spares, gas prices, catering, airport fees, insurances etc.
Assets: Airplane owners, lease, rent, airline partnerships, fuel purchases.
Financing: Aircraft financing, fuel finance.
Competition Almost done, stay with us just a little bit longer. Labor Negotiations Between the Airlines and the Labor Unions.
– Important unions would be: The Association of Flight
Attendants, the Air Line Pilots Association, and the
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.
– Air traffic controllers’ strike of 1981
– Between 2002 and 2009, the airlines forced major concessions from
their employees, with average compensation (including benefits)
declining from $79.356 in 2003 to $74,786 in 2007. Strategies deployed in the industry Strategies deployed in the industry Influence of Technology
– Mergers

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