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Today and any other day the past history will always repeat itself, either among others or themselves. Skilling in Huston is sentenced to 24 years for his pervasive fraud and conspiracy that led to Enron’s Bankruptcy. This is also related to the past after Roosevelt was elected president; he was named the “trust buster”. Roosevelt was trying to break what the Robber Barons where doing to their investors. The Robber Barons were known as the business guys who where unfair.

Jeffrey Keith Skilling is the former CEO of Enron Corporation, who was convicted of federal felony charges relating to Enrons financial collapse. “He was charged when a jury made a verdict, pervasive fraud and conspiracy that led to the bankruptcy of Enron. Enron’s fall ushered in a wave or prosecutions against corruption at the highest levels of American…involved in the White-collar crime” (Barrionuevo P1) White-collar workers perform tasks which are less heavy duty, yet often more highly paid than blue-collar workers, who do manual work. They are salaried professionals (such as some doctors or lawyers), as well as employees in administrative or clerical positions.

A trust or business trust was a form of business entity used in the late 19th century with intent to create a monopoly. Some but not all were organized as trusts in the legal sense. They were often created when corporate leaders convinced the shareholders of all the companies in one industry to convey their shares to a board of trustees, in exchange for dividend-paying certificates. The board would then manage all the companies in “trust” for the shareholders. Eventually the term was used to refer to monopolies in general. “In 1898, President William McKinley launched the trust-busting era when he appointed the U.S. Industrial Commission. The report of the Commission was seized upon by Theodore Roosevelt, who based much of his presidency on “trust-busting”” (DeLong P1)

With this current and past event that happened, they are related and joined in a category that history repeated itself by Skillings as a symbol of the robber barons and the jury as Roosevelt. Skillings in many years had made others think that there

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