Proposal of Fruit Waste Enzyme
We are Janet Pak, Ashvinia a/p Veeramani, Khong Hooi Ling, Chan Hui Sean and Tee Nee Shin; second-year students of Advanced Diploma in Business Administration at Tunku Abdul Rahman College. For our business venture, we came up with the idea of producing an enzyme made from fruit waste. Consumers these days are shifting towards the trend of using more organic goods which are environmentally friendly. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for us to introduce an eco-friendly product.

This enzyme is a concentrated liquid, made by fermenting kitchen waste, black sugar and water, for 3 months. Kitchen waste means only fruits and vegetables without meat or anything else. For example fruit peels, left over fruits and vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and so on. Some of the uses of this enzyme are that it can be used to produce cleaning solutions, be made into pesticides, air-purifier, fertilizers, and also to help prevent blockage in drains as well as can be used as a non-toxic chemical dispersant.

Our target market are the producers of fertilizers and cleaning solutions, pesticide manufacturers, and those who use enzymes as raw materials in their manufacturing processes. They will benefit from this innovation because these companies will be able to commercialize a new organic product which has many uses, does not cause air and water pollution, replace the usage of harmful toxic chemicals, is much cheaper than conventional chemicals, and eventually these manufacturers will be viewed as responsible corporate citizens by their potential customers. Mother nature can be preserved and society will be better off with cheaper eco-friendly products.

We already have the necessary knowledge and skill needed to produce this enzyme because the process is relatively simple. However, we will try to build a network where we can find manufacturers who would be our potential customers.

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