How Is Jane Eyre Influenced by the Tradition of the Gothic Novel?
Essay Preview: How Is Jane Eyre Influenced by the Tradition of the Gothic Novel?
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Gothic themes deal with old mansions, dark mysteries and remote locations. Much like the tradition in this novel. It comes as no surprise that the life Jane lives is a dark and dreary path. That can be acquired by the way she is treated by her aunt to the way she ends up in Lowood. As you read more into the book, you will realize that both Jane and Rochester had difficult childhoods as well as adulthood. For example, Rochesters wife Bertha, who was supposed to be a secret, was a crucial part of the climax. There is a great mystery surrounding her and Rochester. All of these elements are a part of the novel. The analysis and defining help lead you to a more in depth look at how Jane Erye possesses the Gothic traditions that show up throughout the story.

Towards the beginning of Jane Erye, Jane is locked into what is called the red room, for bad behavior. It was room in which her uncle died in. After she had been in the room a while, she thought she could see her uncles ghost. This was the first supernatural occurrence that Jane experienced. No one believed her as she banged on the door and yelled. That is another part of the Gothic tradition; not everyone believes or sees what one of the characters is seeing. Sometimes it is a secret and sometimes, the other characters just think they are crazy.

Another occurrence is when Rochester yells for Jane and he is hundreds of miles away. He says “Jane, Jane, Jane!” and she says “Wait for me, Im coming.” It was considered a moment of supernatural communication between the two of them. Symbolism is a big factor when it comes to Gothic tradition. The fact that Rochesters voice could reach Jane from such a distance is ironic. It is ironic in the sense that, in real life, that is impossible. That brings up another attribute of the Gothic tradition. When you think of the impossible, it is possible to a Gothic tale. Normal life experiences just dont cut it when you are dealing with the dark novel. The characters, as well as the author, think outside the box.

Although the supernatural occurrences take place throughout the story, Bronte seems to explain the meaning, reason and/or origin of them later on in the story. The Gothic incidences that happen are not confusing as they first seem to be. As they are more read into, the more sense they make. It does seem, however, that the purpose of these is to intensify

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