J.C. Penny Corporation, Inc. Company Analysis and Prognosis
J.C. Penny Corporation, Inc. Company Analysis and Prognosis
Table of Contents
Company & Industry Background
Company Strategies
Current Financial Performance
Financial Performance Compare to Sub-Sector
Primary Macro-Level Forces
Micro-Level Forces
Primary Strengths and Weaknesses
Risk and Rewards Potential
Three-year Prognosis
Five-year Prognosis
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J.C. Penney, a well-known department store across the Unites States, is in the process of a reconstruction stage to reinvent itself while modernizing its iconic legend in its declining stage of its business life. After several days of many hours of research and the opportunity to discuss with peers on debatable outcomes, I have organized and organized and developed an analysis of the company with a prognosis for three and five years from now. In the following analysis I will present J.C Penney strategies to maintain a competitive advantage, its current financial performance as well as comparing the financial performances in its Sub-sector. I will address the primary macro-forces and the degree and nature of threat of the micro-level forces, identifying the companys strengths and weaknesses, its risk and Reward potential, concluding with the prognosis for three and five years from now.

Company and Industry Background
J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc. is an over a century-old name in retailing, and the Department Stores Industry. The company sells merchandise and services to customers through its department stores and the Internet.

JCP is a leading family department store operator, with 1,104 JC Penney stores geographically located in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. JCP has provided net sales in the Fiscal Year of 2013, from private and exclusive brands that took up approximately 53% of merchandise sales, and Internet sales that totaled $1.0 billion dollars. Listed in exhibit 1 are the net sales accounted for by businesses.

Under the former CEO Ron Johnson (whom was fired after 17 months that lead to a catastrophic decline in business), a turnaround strategy for J.C. Penney was initiated to make them into Americas favorite department store. This transformation included key pricing strategies,

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