Ivk Customer Service System Issue
On June 28, IVK’s customer service system had crashed, the call center systems were down and there website was locked, IVK was facing an outage. IVK was also flooded with emails 3 per second which said “Gotcha”. IVK’s procedures were out of of date. IVK’s systems were hacked. Graham wanted Jim to step out of the crisis which was going on, as Jim was going to meet the analysts meeting at Wall Street. Graham did not want Jim to go with any information about the crisis as he was not present in the company and did not have detailed knowledge about what was going on. The first recovery plan option was to do nothing at all and and consider the crisis as if there were no intruders at all. The second option was to a shut down company’s operations and run the operations manually, and rebuild the production system again. This option was safe but time consuming. They would have to give an explanation to outsiders what had happened. If the customer data was stolen this option won’t be of any help. Third option was to build a mirror site from development files, and rebuild the original system only once the mirror site was up and running. This option was expensive and time consuming. More bad things possibly could happen while building the mirror site. William’s decision was was to close down the company till they can reassemble everything again and he also wants to make a “careful” customer contact strategy.

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