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I have decided to discuss the Italian culture because it is where my family is from and someplace I recently visited and absolutely loved. Both of my parents are from Italy and this report has given me an opportunity to discuss my own experience as well as information I have gathered.

Italy has a population of over 58 million people. Historically rich, Italy is a cornerstone of today’s western culture. Agriculturally rich, the Italian countryside is a prolific producer of fruit, vegetables, and livestock. The country of Italy is not only wealthy in profit but is exuberant in its beautiful, colorful, rich, bold, and romantic atmosphere. Culturally, Italy has produced the worlds best in art, architecture, music and literature. But Italys greatest wealth is neither its art nor agriculture it is their people. They love their food, their families, their music and their heritage. They exude confidence, charisma and hospitality. The best treats a visitor will experience are the colorful Italian people.

When you visit Italy there is not just one place you can go. There are many different parts of Italy that need to be visited, for example: Venice has its canals, Rome its Coliseum and Sistine Chapel, Florence its heritage of art, Tuscany its color, and the whole country boasts hundreds of miles of seashore; mixed in with all the beautiful and historic sights Italy has to offer. Not to mention if you go to the central and southern parts of the country most Italians are shorter with olive skin and dark hair. Farther north, the people are taller, blond and have lighter eyes. So not only are you diverse in your sights, but you also see the different types of Italian features. But one thing that all Italian possess is their enjoyment for life. They are lively, sociable and have a passion for everything they do. They express emotions more freely than most and are not afraid to give hugs, kisses, and other displays of affection. Italians love to laugh and talk loudly, usually emphasizing everything with hand gestures. They are quick to welcome strangers into their towns and homes, and are always ready to share a meal or a story, a good joke or a song.

Rome is the capital of Italy. And is the largest city in Italy as well. It is the home of the Saint Basilicas church, and of Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel, the Vatican. Rome became the center of the Roman Catholic Church and the home of the Popes. Rome remains influential today, as the capital of Italy and a major world city; Rome is also called “the Eternal City.

The large majority of Italians are Roman Catholics and for centuries, this has affected their art and architecture. Italians are proud of their artistic heritage. Museums, churches, courtyards and statues all over the country proudly display to a watching world the treasures of some of the greatest artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, to name just a few. Opera is also an Italian creation. Many know entire scores of operas by Rossini, Verdi and Puccini, and will attend an operatic performance whenever possible. There are also a vast number of religious monuments and paintings as well as local traditions based on Christian celebrations and the lives of the saints. The holiday season especially Easter and Christmas are joyously planned for and observed by feasts, sweets, decorations, plays, and of course, elaborate

Whether living in a large city or a tiny village, the people of Italy work hard and enjoy their leisure time. It is common for the people to work five full days and then a half day on Saturday.

Food is a thing of beauty in Italy. Italian food is an extension of the rich, fertile fields and seashore that are such a part of the people. Seafood, veal, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, and of course, pasta, is prepared with spices, sauces, and tender loving care. Strong coffee and decadent layered desserts are staples of each meal. Mealtime is not rushed; fast food is a foreign concept. There meals usually consist of a antipasto, first course which is pasta, second course Meat or Fish then following with a Salad, some Cheese, Fruit, Sweets a cafe.

Unlike Americans mezzogiorno is the main part of the day for Italians, which means lunch. Lunch is the main course of the day. There lunch is our dinner. They usually close stores, shops, business at 1 or 2 in the afternoon and stay closed for about 2-3 hrs. then they open their business up again when there done eating.

Another Italian custom that is visible here in the United States as well, is wine. Italian people love their wine. I have seen from experience from my family as well from visiting Italy is that wine is a priority just as much as eating

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