The Issue of Gun Violence
The Issue of Gun Violence
Joseph Faucault2/10/15Period E, DebateTaylorThe issue of gun violence in schools has been a pressing issue on the forefront of national politics in the past. Following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, many politicians and human rights activists have been calling for better gun control and ways to keep students safer in schools. Some believe that school faculty and staff with extra training and concealed weapons permits should be allowed to carry weapons as a measure of increased security. This is regarded by some as a less expensive alternative to having armed police officers at the school.

Allowing teachers and other staff to carry guns is wrong. Guns do not belong in the classroom. It is not the teachers’ responsibility to be a security guard. Even if they have a permit to carry a gun, it does not necessarily give them the qualification to defend students in the case of an attack. Operating a firearm takes a lot of training, and using it in the event of an emergency takes skill, reflexes, and knowledge. Most teachers likely don’t have this training and probably do not have time to obtain it because of their responsibilities as teachers. When a teacher is in possession of a gun, it can take away from their most important job—teaching. How can a teacher educate if they are also thinking about defending their classroom in an emergency? Also, children might be afraid of the gun and if the teacher is carrying one, the student might be too afraid of the teacher to ask them anything.

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