The Keeper of the Night
Essay Preview: The Keeper of the Night
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Book: The Keeper of the Night
Author: Kimberly Willis Holt
Setting: Guam
Summary: After Isabels mom commits suicide, her whole life changes, and her familys life too. Her dad, who she calls Tata, is so depressed with the loss that he becomes a recluse, blocking out his children and spending the whole day fishing. Her kid sister, Olivia, is repeatedly waking up from nightmares, having Isabel comfort her and get her back to sleep. Before, Isabels brother, Frank was a social butterfly, always spending time with friends, but now after the accident he is becoming gloomy and spending his time “playing” with knives. Even though Isabel has no evidence that he is, she suspects him of cutting himself. Her friends and her aunt, Auntie Bernadette, who is a healer, all pressure Isabel to talk about what happened to her mom, but she is not ready yet. Then one day, at the biggest festival in Guam, when Isabel finally has fun for the first time after the accident, her brother gets sent to the hospital. Ruining the whole party, Isabel and Olivia wait at home while Tata goes with Frank to the hospital. He is put in a rehabilitation center, so they can fix his problem of him cutting himself. Thats when her life changes. Not only does she confront Tata about being a lousy father, she also opens up for the first time. She remembers her mother, all the good things, and all the bad things.

Ending: Her family is caring after Frank comes back from rehab. Tata is now a good father, spending time with his children, Olivia is not having nightmares anymore, and her brother is not cutting himself.

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