Iraq Agreese To Un Terms
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Iraq has been threatened by America to go to war if they didnt disarm, and the United Nations has been asking them too. Iraq finally accepted the UNs resolution to send inspectors to search for weapons of mass destruction. Iraqi foreign minister criticized UN and accused U.S. and Britain, and is certain that they will not find any. The UN is happy that Iraq agreed to their terms and believes it is a step in the right direction towards averting war, and Bush is glad too but is still ready to attack if necessary.

It doesnt really seem fair that America and many other countries had weapons of mass destruction, but we are making Hussein disarm because he is a “dangerous” leader. If we go to war to put their “dangerous” leader out of power to save the people in Iraq, we will just end up killing them. Putting pressure on Iraq is OK, but I dont believe we should go to war or take any preemptive action. If we went to war, it might save our economy, which is al we are concerned about, and the rest of the world too. However, I strongly believe morals are more important than money. Also, I feel like America thinks that whatever government system isnt democratic is inhumane. I agree that Saddam Hussein doesnt rule his country well, but we dont need to turn Iraq into America. Our country has lots of problems too. I dont think there is anything wrong with combining religion and state, if thats what the people want. However, there are also many other sides to this argument, which is why this is a complicated situation and its hard to know the right thing to do.

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