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People naturally always search for perfection. Some people spend their entire life trying to be flawless, trying to live the life of convenience where everything is in their command and in their grasp. They aim to be limitless, they are not satisfied with what they know and have, they wanted to know and have everything. In other words, they try to be God, who is all powerful and all knowing.

An expression of mans search for perfection is the invention of machines. They created machines to make their life easier. The machines they built in the early days were simple, they were still fully operated by man, but as time goes by, these machines created by man developed. During the 20th century, these machines were able to work through the limited commands that they were programmed to, but they still cannot analyze or process information that they were not programmed to do. Man was not satisfied with this; he continued to develop ways to further advance machines. Man wanted machines to think for themselves, man wanted to create machines that would work even without human intervention. In turn, they invented robots which contained A. I. (artificial intelligence). A. I. enabled these machines to individually process information through their own processors, they have the ability to do things individually, without human intervention, but still their actions were limited to the programmed installed within them. In other words, Artificial intelligence enabled robots to think for their own. But this technology is not yet fully developed; Man is still in search to create the perfect machine.

Man was given free will by God. God gave us intelligence to help others, and given this gift, we must be responsible enough to use it. The development of A. I. can be of great help to mankind but it could also be a terrible mistake if used in wrong ways. We must be responsible enough to know our limit and we must know where progress leads us. We must be conscious

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