Marketing In The Digital Age
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John OConnor, & Eamonn Galvin, (2001). Marketing in the Digital Age, Second Edition. Essex England: Pearson Education Limited 2001.
Marketing in the Digital Age was written by two authors, John OConnor and Eamonn Galvin both from Great Britain. This book is divided into five sections covering the technological changes and the challenges that were encountered in Marketing. There is an introduction of every chapter of the basic concepts of Marketing and the tools and techniques employed in the new Marketing age.

This edition was written to reflect the transition in the past years in the technology used in marketing. Each chapter has been updated with detailed changes that have been brought about by the advancement of the use of the Internet and e-Business. Diagrams and flowcharts have been used throughout the book to help ones ability to comprehend the writers style.

At the end of each chapter, there are Case Studies (which are not fictitious). They are practical and easy to comprehend. Each chapter consists of about four to six questions at the end, based on the particular topic covered. In addition, URL addresses to useful websites have also been added making this book an easy experience.

This book helps to navigate the different areas of Marketing. It is a comprehensive, yet easy text that is suitable for all first-year undergraduate students who have embarked on a career in Marketing, to orient themselves on the basics before exploring further.

With the increasing of technological advancements in the world, this book proves to be one that can be considered as a solid foundation for the field of marketing.

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