The Interview Process
The Interview ProcessChristine GarrisonBSHS/395July 12, 2015University of PhoenixThe Interview ProcessIntakeThe client name is Mariana Esquivel she is a first generation Mexican American. Mariana only finished the 8th grade and does not have her GED. She has 4 children 2 different fathers. Her children are the ages of 11, 9, 4, and 2. The oldest children have been acting out. The fathers are not in the children’s life do to circumstances. One father was deported to Mexico when her daughter was 2 months old. The other father of her youngest 2 boys is currently incarcerated in prison. She is having issues maintaining work and making enough to feed her children as well as keeping her apartment. She is looking for assistance with her children so that she can better take care of them.Interview ProcessWhen Mariana comes into the interview she informs me that she is very worried about the process do to the fact there are many things that she does not understand. While talking to Mariana I am learning what her expectations are as well as her weakness and what her strengths are and how to work with these issues. As the take progresses I learn that one of her biggest fears is that her oldest son will join one of the local gangs in the area. With no father figure in the home makes it hard for Mariana to understand her 3 sons. During learning about her situation we are building a helper client relationship. We discuss her goals for herself as well as what she is waiting to do with her children. She is wanting to provide her children a better life and to move out of her current situation. Miss Esquivel currently lives in a very bad area of her city where the gangs rule the area and crime levels are very high. She is scared to even let her children play outside and never allows them to be outside without her.  She is even worried walking out her front door without protection on her. We set small goals for her to work for at first her main concern being able to take care of her children. We start her with a program to help her get her GED as well as teaching her a trade so she can better provide for her children. The next step is to get her sons and daughter a positive male role model with big brothers and big sisters of Chicago. This will give the boys a positive male role motel and may help keep her children away from local gangs. The next program would be one that would get her out of her current living situation.

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