Globalisation Shakes the World
Essay Preview: Globalisation Shakes the World
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Introduction :
Any kind of new recent development international businesses, we found that it’s extremely important to understand the meaning of globalization in order to analyze and explain the nature of the business, as it also facilitate and enhance the future of the business. Additionally globalization could be defined as ‘’process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale‘’. (oxford definition ). However , understanding only globalization is not enough in order to manage a business in a positive way, Business world is much deeper than it seems, for instance : nowadays a new phenomenon appears that many of the companies have expanded its activities in terms of innovations, operations, marketing, human recourses management , future financing and accounting and many other activities . Business is a systematic effort of individuals with a view to provide goods and services in order to satisfy and cover the community needs. There are two types of businesses in the world of business the first type is, the non-profit sector such as schools, universities, and hospitals in addition, the government has set the budget to education that not exceed 150$ as this type of business is considered as a complicated kind of section due to the high costs that is related to these kind of business as it does not get any revenues to cover those high costs. Furthermore, the major factors that lead any company whether it is large or small to follow this method is, to expand their business and to enhance their situation in the market by covering the market with various products and services which will directly command the company to become the leader of the market . Furthermore, this strategy is a set of goals to fulfill certain objectives. and the formulation of this strategy is usually accomplished by the senior management as it also instituted on combination of an accurate analysis of the environment and the organization. Even though one of the departments did not gain high revenue, other sections would certainly cover the costs and losses that may be exposed to the department that has got bankruptcy. Nevertheless, the small companies become vogue between academics and government as they also have their own activities. We will cover each of these points in the following paragraphs.

The key elements are :
Business activity :
Developments, operations that exist in the business, the way the business is using marketing, human resources management ( labor ), financing and accounting, all these activities are related to each other in order to run a business in a positive way as it also affect on the performance of the business especially in terms of productivity and the quantity of the products. in other words, these activities are normally starts up with the business from the beginning , because without these activities the business would not be efficient .

Strategic Level :
Strategic factors have a big role in affecting the range of the productivity, and the output of the business, services and human resources would also be automatically affected. The strategic decisions in the common projects would locate and define the form and the inwardness of the nature of the institution. Overwhelmingly the strategies help the companies to run their business whether from the inside or outside. Small companies that probably have successful innovations are usually facing strategic problems, in terms of expanding the productivity range of the goods, due to the limited revenues that it gains. It also leads to deficiencies in raising the enough margin for development of the project. We see that many of businesses are getting bankrupt due to these insufficiencies especially owing to the lack of the earnings. Additionally, the strategic issues are inextricably linked from the business and the environment in which they operate because it has a big role on the long term of the business. It could include the country in terms of cultures, beliefs attitude and many other aspects.

Organizational level :
The elements of organization could be defined as the way its formulas, ownership, control, size, structure and organizational culture. As the organization includes the manner in which people are classified adding to that, the way that the organization is dealing whether its internal or external factors in order to achieve all the objectives and satisfy their customers. Business companies of public ownership are trying to exceed the requires objectives. And reach to the social. Organizational culture, and partly a function of the large size of most sector operations.

The main goal of any association after its growth is the tendency to adapt a formal structure. Basically if any company expanded its project it will simply include, more employees, more sophisticated, machines more partnerships and increasing of the demand, which will automatically have to enhance its structure, in order to run the business smoothly. As it place new positive borders on the nature of the job. And finally to be more broadly combining management strategy with organizational level is behind the reason to differentiate special organizational cultures.

Environmental level :
The environmental factors are one of the major impacts that influence any kind of businesses. For example to those factors, first thing that affects the business is the political situations, and the regulations of the country that the business operate in. Because such a things can differentiate the business from one country to another. In addition, second facto is the economical factor; the membership and power of trade union are tasks of the standard of the economic activity. As it enforces limitation of the law of the country. In this point it will be briefly discussed about both technological factors and cultural factors as they are also having a big role in affecting the business. Especially that the market is always reflected by the technology and culture aspects, because simply moving from one place to another and dealing with different people with different beliefs and different mentality. This requires a deep research in order to find the most suitable technology that will met with the character and culture of the country that the business will be located in. Especially if it’s from Europe world to Arab world, different religions different beliefs. All these factors will restrict the business to create and adapt its operating activities to the technology and the cultural aspects. This would perfectly meet with the needs of each culture. Furthermore,

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