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the most common form of info sharing in many companies is thro the print medium.
Unfortunately, most internal company publications are unexciting
Companies need to realize that their publications are competing with the national and local media for their employees’ attention
Ideally, the publication should connect employees with going-on beyond their local surroundings; discuss important happenings and accomplishments, across the company and give employees a clear sense of the company’s overarching direction and strategy

Another way to reach employees thro company publication is to send the magazines to their homes rather than distributing them at the workplace.
Above all, these publications must be honest about anything that might affect employees. Nothing will hurt morale more than employees find out about a major corporate event from a source other than the corporation itself.

The message that goes into these periodicals will vary by industry and company, but managers must strike the right balance between what employees are interested in, and what they really need to hear from top management.

Employees should look forward to the next issue of the company publication.
Other print materials are also produced from time to time in response to important events that directly affect employees e.g. health or retirement benefits.

Management can also use memos and letter to communicate to employees about internal changes, such as management succession, new group structures, or important deals or contracts.

These written communications should come out frequently enough so that employees do not feel that it is unusual, but not so often that they stop hearing management messages.

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