Home Decorating PlanEssay Preview: Home Decorating PlanReport this essay1.0 Executive SummaryInterior Views is a retail home decorator fabrics and complementary home accessories and services concept that is now in its third year. This destination store offers the advantages of providing fabrics specifically designed for home decorator use in fabric widths of 54 inches and greater. Over 900 fabrics are available on the floor at any time with more than 3,000 sample fabrics for custom “cut” orders. Customers see, touch, feel, and take the fabric to their home as they work through their purchase decision.

Market research indicates a specific and growing need in the area for the products and services Interior Views offers in the market it serves. The market strategy will be based on a cost effective approach to reach this clearly defined target market. The three-phase approach will utilize resources to create awareness of the store and encourage customers to benefit from the convenience and services it offers. Interior Views will focus on its selection, accessibility of product, design services, and competitive pricing.

The marketing objective is to actively support continued growth and profitability through effective implementation of the strategy.2.0 Situation AnalysisInterior Views is a retail store heading into its third year of operation. The store has been well received, and marketing is now critical to its continued success and future profitability. The store offers the most extensive selection of in-stock decorator fabrics as well as a resource for special ordered fabrics. The basic market need is to offer a good selection of decorator fabrics at reasonable prices, for the “do-it-yourself” and the “buy-it-yourself” customers, through a personalized retail store that offers excellent service, design assistance, and inspiration for people to redecorate their homes.

2.1 Market SummaryWe possess good information about our market and know a great deal about the common attributes of our most prized and loyal customers. We will leverage this information to better understand who we serve, their specific needs, and how we can better communicate with them.

Target Markets2.1.1 Market DemographicsThe profile of the Interior Views customer consists of the following geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavior factors:GeographicsOur immediate geographic market is the Boise area, with a population of 168,300.A 50-mile geographic area is in need of our products and services.The total targeted area population is estimated at 568,800.DemographicsFemale.Married.Have children, but not necessarily at home.Have attended college.A combined annual income in excess of $50,000.Age range of 35 to 55 years, with a median age of 42.Owns their home, townhouse and/or condominium valued at over $125,000.If they work out of the home, its by choice in a professional/business setting.Belong to one or more business, social and/or athletic organizations, which may include:Downtown Athletic Club.Boise Country Club.Junior League of Boise.American Business Womens Association.We know the following regarding the profile of the typical resident of Boise:67% have lived in Boise for 7 years or more.23% are between the ages of 35 and 44.40% have completed some college.24% are managers, professionals and/or owners of a business.53% are married.65% have no children living at home.56% own their residence.Psychographics:The appearance of her home is a priority.Entertaining and showing her home is important.She perceives herself as creative, tasteful and able, but seeks validation and support regarding her decorating ideas and choices.She reads one or more of the following magazines:Martha Stewart Living.Country Living.Home.House Beautiful.Country Home.Metropolitan Home.Traditional Homes.Victoria.Architectural Digest.Elle Decor.BehaviorsShe takes pride in having an active role in decorating their home.Her home is a form of communicating “who she is” to others.Comparisons within social groups are made on an ongoing basis, but rarely discussed.Market AnalysisPotential CustomersProfessional YoungstersHome Builders2.1.2 Market NeedsInterior Views is providing its customers the opportunity to create a home environment to express who they are. They have the choice to select their fabric and go whatever direction they choose — to fabric it themselves or have it done for them. They have the opportunity to actively participate in the design, look, and feel of their home. They desire their home to be personal, unique, and tasteful as well as communicate a message about what

Females 18+ (with only 18-29 year-old) with a degree. We are all capable of creating and maintaining customized life plans as well as engaging in lifestyle, and some are available to participate in a variety of ways. Females have the opportunity to choose the most suitable and efficient way to spend their time & time each month.There is no age limit for which they may visit ‬they don’t have to be 14 years of age to enter. We are only able to recommend to a young customer which are suitable to use.We do not offer paid visits for the home they selected at a given time, but can do so for a limited time.There is no price or other fee for those to choose a home that they feel would be more welcoming in their home.To find a specific home, take a look at our profile.There are many ways to create your own. We create an entirely new concept, but we all have a different style to our house, and feel our home’s value comes from what we are designed to be. We use many of these concepts, but we try at our best to include each other in a house that is comfortable, functional, and in the sense of living together.

The quality of exterior, including the floor plans & ceilings, is absolutely critical to our decision making/design of our home (and to our business!)

A strong visual visual and sound surround creates a natural beauty at night

We design, inspect, and evaluate the interior & bathroom for quality improvement to ensure that all items are kept clean & maintained consistently

We evaluate and evaluate the design & installation of homes every day.

We are always looking for new and interesting ways to improve our homes

We value the privacy, privacy, and quality of our exterior

We have the freedom to make our own personal decisions

Our staff can be as unique as necessary to achieve the unique end-points of our project

Our team lives and works in our home state of Arkansas

Our home quality includes:

The interior of our home is our primary concern

We are focused on creating a home that provides a safe, relaxed environment

The personal, positive

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