Interpreting Career Assessment
CareerLeader wasn’t my first career self-assessment. But it is a relatively formal one, and
I expected for a better and more accurate conclusion report. Nevertheless, the information
in it did stimulate my thinking about the future career. The results report contains six
section, and each of the section has a topic. Following are my thoughts on the results.
For My Interests section, the top-two activities on the list that have relatively high scores
are Quantitative Analysis (97) and Managing People and Teams (94). And the bottomtwo
activities are influencing others (25) and creative production (18). For me, I don’t feel
like very interested in quantitative analysis. So the result is a little unexpected. But deep
in my mind, I do think the mathematical analysis is one of the most valuable financial tools.
This idea probably somehow affected my thought. Of course, there is also a possibility
that I am really into numbers and models without knowing it. I enjoy to be a team leader,
so the second high score is unsurprisingly managing people and team. Pushing projects,
dealing with people, evaluating group members’ strengths and making everyone
contribute their best are what I am good at and love doing.
I am not surprised about the least two scores. I’m aware of my lack of creativity and
innovation. What’s more, I am also not fond of persuading others. However, I initially
expected to have a higher score in enterprise control (26). Setting business strategy and
making sure the plan carried out seem very challenging and exciting to me. Application
of technology (74) is indeed my interest. I have always been a pragmatist. If I could not
practically use the technology, I don’t even have much desire to learn.
For My Motivators section, I spent a lot of time doing this part during the assessment,
which indicates that I am not sure about what is more important to me. However, the result
turned out to be very reasonable. From the highest score, which is the most important to
me, to the lowest, the motivators listed as following. Financial gain is 11, following by

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