Divercity Issues in Communication
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This paper is a summary of “Diversity Issues in Communication, Section 2.” First, this reading defines success not in financial terms but under the larger diversity scope or umbrella. It is interesting how ones race or culture advances or instills the notion of success from even early ages. Besides success, this reading also reinforces the importance of diversity skills. Just as we learn skills such as reading or riding a bicycle, it is also imperative to learn and hone our diversity skills.

Another interesting aspect to me is the readings overview about Gardners theory of Multiple Intelligences. This theory is important because people may not be good at vital skills such as painting, but they may possess kinesthetic skills as athletes or dancers. It is important to remember that all people inherently have a talent or skills that must be exhibited to our global world. Emotional intelligence is another new and related concept from this reading.

This reading also focuses on skills and traits such as networking and learning from everyone and anyone. This skill is so crucial in order to promote tolerance. I also liked the emphasis on the skills to deal effectively with barriers.

We sometimes think that our world is a utopia in terms of race and culture. Even though our world has made many strides, we still have many barriers in terms of 100% acceptance and tolerance.

Besides equipping readers with

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