Developing an Integrated Climate Research Environment
Developing an Integrated Climate Research Environment
Stephan Mazzucco,
Anupam Tambi
CS 5332 Information Retrieval Syllabus (Fall 2012)
October 15, 2012
NASAs Climate Simulation Data Management System
iRODS Overview
Distributed Data management System
Unidatas Internet Data Distribution (IDD) System
The Climate-G testbed: towards large scale distributed data management for climate change
Preliminary Design
Design Decisions
Conceptual Model – Acquisition and Storage
Conceptual Model – Retrieval
Realization of Conceptual Model using iRODS – Acquisition and Storage
Realization of Conceptual Model using iRODS – Retrieval
Expected Iterations and Deliverables
Development Plan
Proposal Tasks by Team Member
Weather data today are spatially distributed; a GIS could offer a practical and relevant working environment for the integration, analysis and visualization of these data together with other spatial data sources.

Environment and climate scientists have a need to accesslarge geographically and temporally varying datasets, often from a variety of sources, in order to carry out their research. There are large amounts of critical multi-variate data that have been or are being generated. These new data offer great potentials for researchers to discover new climatic findings/ relationships and to make better forecasts if the data are made accessible and retrievable promptly and appropriately for climate studies. However, these large-scale heterogeneous datasets are presented, over time, with very different structures and formats that require substantial efforts to process in order to be able to make any effective use of them, even with a number of current

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