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Marketing Research and Information AssignmentBackground InformationFujifilm is one of the famous companies on selling instant cameras. Their instant cameras’ cute design such as candy color, small and exquisite exterior target young people market mainly. The reasonable price also attract the large teenagers’ market segment. The design mission of Fujifilm Corporation (2013) states that “study peoples wants and needs first. Then develop solutions to make products that are a pleasure to use.” Also, their commitment is adapting and innovating. Fujifilm Corporation (2013) says “in our products, in the way we work, and in our interaction with the world. We are embracing change and diversity to become a more effective force for a better future.” It seems that innovation is the market policy of Fujifilm Corporation.However, nowadays social network become an important part of teenagers’ life. They would like to share every special moment of their personal life in the social network such as Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, in order to help users easier to upload their instant photos to social network directly, Fujifilm was suggested to add a new Wi-Fi function in instant cameras and cooperate with some famous social network. Enable users to capture the moment and share the scene at the same time, it not only make convenient to users but also maintain Fujifilm’s image of innovation.

2. Objectives2.1. Evaluate customers’ perceptions of adding Wi-Fi new function in Fujifilm’s instant camera products.2.2. Identify the extent of satisfaction that users used Fujifilm’s exist instant cameras product.2.3. Determine the reasons and anticipations of customers when they buy Fujifilm’s instant camera products.2.4. Identify the willingness of users to share their instant photo in social network.3. Research Methods3.1. Secondary Data ResearchWe need to identify the willingness of users to share their instant photo in social network. Therefore, searching #Fujifilminstax in Instagram, then we may find many people share their instant photo by using mobile phone to take a picture with the instant photo. Although it is quite trouble, people still willing to share their instant photo in social network. It is exploratory research, because the ambiguous situations and uncertainty.

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