Holocaust Case
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Kristen Marie Booth
December 13, 2012
Holocaust Essay
“For the survivor who chooses to testify, it is clear: his duty is to bear witnesses for the dead and for the living. He has no right to deprive future generations of a past that belongs to our collective memory. To forget would not only be dangerous but offensive; to forget the dead would be asking to kill them a second time.”

Why is it vital that the remembrance, history, and lessons of the holocaust be passed on to a new generation? Simple, not only is it vital to know about the history of what happened to the Jewish population and so many others. Also Its vital to remember what took place to cause such a horrid thing to occur. Most importantly the remembrance of the holocaust is extremely vital if we are to prevent a recurrence of the holocaust.The world should always remember the horrible tragedies that took place at the concentration camps.

The world should never forget the atrocities that took place during the Holocaust. We need to remember all of the innocent people that lost their lives for the most pointless reasons, it makes us value and appreciate our freedom that much more. Future generations should be taught more about the Holocaust so they know about the horrible things that took place, so that they can prevent it from ever happening again. The thought of the Holocaust repeating itlself is almost to much to bear.

The holocaust was one of the darkest periods in history of mans inhumanity to man. The Holocaust, to this day, remains one of the most nefarious, grotesque, and heartbreaking events in modern history. The Holocaust is by far one of the most defining evils of our time. People need to be educated on what really happened at the concentration camps. Within the walls of the concentration camps, awful things occurred: People were forced to have sterilizations, Many were severely beat, most were starved to death, there was little room for everyone which caused overcrowding, and massive homicides took place in gas chambers, which inmates were led to believe, were showers.

The saddest part about the Holocaust is the fact that before the Jews were carted off to the wretched concentration camps, they were people. They were people with dreams and aspirations, they had family and friends, They each had unique personalites, traits, laughs. All these traits were taken away as soon as they were carted off to these horrid camps. For what though? For the simple fact that they believed in something that Hitler didnt approve of? Was this really a reason to exterminate 6 million people? One should be able to believe what they want, everyone should have their own opinions, and not be killed for what they believe. Thats why the Holocaust is such a huge deal. 6 million people were killed for absolutely no reason, its ridicoulous and should have been stopped the second it started.

“He who does not remember that past is doomed to repeat it”. These twelve words are so important its not even funny. The key to preventing such hate as the holocaust is education. If people learn more about what happened and remember it, it could prevent us from having another occurrence such as the holocaust. Hitler turned to the holocaust due to hate and the fact that he didnt understand the Jews, he hated what the Jews believed in, He hated how they lived, so

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