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Informative research proposal on the One-child policy in China
In China, the response to rapid population growth entailed the government’s introduction of a One Child Policy (OCP). The One-Child Policy has received positive and negative criticism for many years. In this case, while some believe that the policy has been effective in tackling the issue of population, others believe that it has been inhumane. This paper seeks to inform the audience about the positive and negative impacts of OCP. The essay also provides critical information on whether the system was effective in boosting economic growth and promoting gender equity.

Research statement
The One-Child Policy in China can be described as controversial due to its adverse impacts on society, such as increased gender imbalance and forced abortions.

The research paper is based on secondary sources such as journal articles, books, and scholarly articles. Besides, interviews were conducted on residents in China to give their account on how the one-China policy affects them. Quantitative data was critical in determining the effectiveness of OCP in Chinese society. Next, interviews were done in major Chinese cities to provide primary data on how people viewed the policy. Some of the towns targeted include Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Shanghai. Various interview questions were critically drafted to gain relevant information from the respondents. About 20 people were interviewed through phone calls to provide relevant information from each city.

Results and analysis
The data collected will be evaluated to determine the impacts of the One-Child Policy in China and whether the policy is best fitted to the control of the population. Conclusions will be made once the analysis off data collected is complete.

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