Organizational Departments in a Business
Organizational Departments in a Business
In any business are many different departments that have many Informational systems. Such as the accounting department, which tracks and records data and information, and then uses that information to make up financial statements for the company. The marketing department uses many systems to track customer, products, and supplies for the entire company. This paper will discuss two different departments and discuss the information systems used in that department.

The accounting department collects data and information to create records for the company and IRS. This system is a web-based system called the Transaction Processing System, which captures, organize, analyze, and disseminate information throughout an organization. Then accountants use corporate intranet to distribute the information collected to other areas of the company. Extranets are used to contact customers and suppliers about customer billing, preparing payroll, and purchasing and paying for materials. All transactional information from sales or marketing information systems is input for the accounting systems.

Marketing departments uses informational systems to retain customer databases, decision support systems, sales automation, data warehouses, and business intelligence software. The internet is a global channel for marketing through business to business as well as business to consumers. This is a way for businesses to get material from other businesses and consumers can shop for products. The marketing department has also developed customer relationship management software for customers to have easier access.

So in conclusion information systems are a key tool for all businesses to use in making it a better profit. Internet is the way everyone is now doing there shopping and finding out information for a company. Intranets are used throughout a company to distribute the financial information of

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