Informal Sources
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Informal Sources
With observation oversights, gaining the proper knowledge will add in the compromising of an informal source. It is a skill that is trained into a person rather than coming naturally. One must obtain the understanding of properly observing the main event, the events speaker or speakers, the message being portrayed, the way the message is being delivered, and the audience. This is called the system of observations which, in professional terms, is called the heuristic. With interview distortions inaccurate observations, institutional bias, ego-involved bias, source reactions to the communicator, selective recall, and selective perception, can all be considered a distortion. However, if they are either avoided or went about the correct and appropriate way then handling informal sources effective can be of no issue. Consider the sources state of mind when gathering information and that will determine how you handle accessing the information. Also, consider their motives and why it is you need to consider their opinions and thoughts. One will have to adjust their manners to the situation when approaching an informal source and take into consideration their situation with the topic. Also, the source may be inexperienced and may not completely understand why it is exactly they need to be talked to. So, address to the source why their opinions and thoughts matter and how that information will be included in the research. One can make it a point to have the sources sign a consent form stating they are aware that any information they give will be used and included with the findings for the situation or topic and completely understand how it will be implemented. If these steps and conditions are taken into consideration then compromising information effectively and in a professional and appropriate manner should be of not issue to the reporter or the informal source.

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