The Influence of the Media
The influence of the media
“A free press can, of course be bad or good, but, most certainly without freedom the press will never be anything but bad”.(Albert Camus) With that being said the media can be both influential in a positive way and in a negative way. Media takes many forms such as: television, magazines, and internet. The media is vast and it can be accessed almost anywhere. It is something that most people encounter on a daily basis. Media can have a positive impact by warning people of dangerous situations and raising awareness for organizations, media can also have a negative impact by twisting people’s words and actions, while also only telling you the part of the story they want you to hear. Portraying celebrities to be perfect and creating an unattainable image therefore putting pressure on teens and young adults and lowering their self-esteems. “The medias the most powerful entity on earth”,(Malcolm X) making it a bigger part of society every day which could prove to be a problem.

One of the Medias best and most used qualities is they inform people of emergencies such as, shootings, traffic jams, and weather emergencies. Without the media we might never know when or where there is a serious mass murder, shootings, and other life threatening events. Through the media people can support each other during traffic times and offer help to people in need. There are many businesses, non-profits, and other organizations that can be easily found through social media. When the media advertises good causes and inspirational stories those people and organizations typically get help after they are advertised. Unfortunately this is not their biggest priority, as said by ,Abbie Hoffman,“The idea that media is there to educate us, or to inform us, is ridiculous because thats about tenth or eleventh on their list.”Nevertheless, because of the media people have the latest information

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