Influence of Math on Human Life
Essay Preview: Influence of Math on Human Life
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Gefferson G. NelsonInfluence of Math on Human LifeIf we ask random people what comes to their minds if they hear the word Mathematics, I bet, most of them would cringe about the idea that Math is all about school subject, complicated formula, equations, never ending computations, etc. ¬†Little did we know that Math is practically everywhere and that we breathe Math without even knowing or realizing it. ¬†Math may not be as easy and simple as ABC and 123 when we first learned how to count from 1 to 10 as a toddler, but really, Math is not as complicated as it may sound. ¬†The moment we get up in the morning and look at the time, we unconsciously do mental calculation on the amount of time we need to prepare for work or school. ¬†When we pay our fare in the public transport and count our change, that‚Äôs Math. ¬†When we hold our phones either to play games or send SMS, there‚Äôs Math behind it. ¬†Math revolves in our daily lives from the most basic and simplest of things to the most complicated ones. ¬†Math may sound and seem difficult but it actually makes our lives easier. ¬†Machines are created with Math as a backbone. ¬†Transportation, Telecommunication, Computers, and Technology all involve Mathematics. ¬†In the film, ‚ÄúA Beautiful Mind‚ÄĚ, mathematical skills of John Nash was used to crack encrypted enemy telecommunication. ¬†This special talent and ability led him to take on additional task of looking for patterns in magazines and newspapers in order to thwart a Soviet plot. ¬†This only shows the important role of Math in solving and finding out some secret or hidden message of the enemy.

We can trace the existence of Math from the very beginning.  From the way primitive men drew sticks on caves to count the number of days to the prehistoric proofs and evidences that ancient had written on tablets.  Math is indeed part of human life since the beginning of time.  Each civilization may have introduced their own prehistoric Mathematical origin but one thing is certain, Math is an essential component in human life.           I cannot imagine life without Math.  It is part of almost every human activity, directly or indirectly.  Without Math, life will definitely complicated and out of balance.  Everything that surrounds us will surely be in topsy-turvy condition.  We need Math to keep things in order and balanced.

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