The Influence of Books to the Influence of Music
Music and book seem to be two different kinds of thing, but when it comes to young people and their lives, they have a strong influence. Both book and music have the active and negative aspects on an individual’s life. So there are many people who both like listening and reading.

There are many differences and similarities between music and book. From the differences, we can see music and book bring us different feelings and vision.

First from the mood aspect, music can edify our sentiment and help people release their pressure in a quick way. Book also has the same effect to assist us to get rid of the bad mood, but it costs a long time. It is also reported that music can cure people of their unpleasant feelings. We cannot see the immediate effect from books, because books always need to take a long time to read. We may not have such an endless time to read a whole book. So music can help people get relaxed easier and fast.

Then from the language barrier aspect, music is a global thing. It travels through the radios and televisions no matter what language it sings. We can hear and feel its spirit by melody. However, when we want to read some foreign books, there always has a language barrier between us. So it is easier to understand the spirit from music.

There are also many similarities. First from the knowledge part, when people own high knowledge of music, their behavior and words become elegant and decent. Such as Mozart, born in a musical family, has a gentle spirit and be respected by people. We cannot deny that almost everyone considers that a person who has profound knowledge reads the book. People often get knowledge from books. So an individual has to be somewhat educated to read a book and effectively comprehend what they are reading. However, a person also has to be able to understand the spirit music release. Therefore, we can be cultivated between book and music.

From the entertainment aspects, music and books both

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